Week in Review

Snagged some festive hats courtesy of the cheap bins of Target...
Aka - the store that tells me what to buy.
Day of the 4th we spent it enjoying the sun and water at Lucky Peak
Bo announced before we left that he wanted his head shaved when we got home.
He looked so funny when we started I almost left it!
Mop is gone but the boy still has swagger!
All cleaned up and ready for BBQ!
I convinced Mike he needed to wear a hat...
These hats definitely made rounds.
I did not get any real fireworks photos and to be honest, I didn't even try.
PW has learned she can jump.
She currently has a fascination with the bathroom sink.
Every. DAY.
I have to tell this boy to put on underwear.
Two halves of a whole.
They are so big I can't get a full bloom on the screen.
Hood ornament from an old Mack truck.
Did I forget to mention the table too?
Seems to think she owns the place.