Week in Review

I was a tad feisty at work this week...
Interrupted morning report in the OR...
I enjoyed myself immensely.
My director calls it 'SHENANIGANS'
I on the otherhand call it 'FUN-I-GANS'.
The white weasel at her finest.
We shut that park DOWN!
BB sat Rio for Susanna and Justus.
He is quite the character.
And beggar.
Weekly Sunday library wait for Orion's volunteer shift to get over.
Today is national ice cream day and they had the kids make free ice cream!
I got a new hat.
It's pretty rad.
Jeff thinks so too.
Did I mention we shut down the park?
Roaring Springs that's is...
It was a super cheap private event from 8p-11p and I must admit, quite nice.
4 tickets for the price of 1 full day pass?
We there.
We're counting down the weeks until vacation.
So ready for some downtime...
Even though it looks like we have downtime all the time.