Week in Review

Whoops!  15,864 steps and 6.61 miles today almost made me forget my WIR!

Checked on my beehive and found this guy...  if you haven't seen a Lucas the Spider video - look em up!  Cutest thing EVER!

My Lunafur looking a bit sweet for the moment...
My guys trolling across the pool on their last day of swim lessons.
Had my 1st experience paddleboarding without my fin.
It somehow didn't make it back into my bag...
My usual motto is 'a bad day on the water is still a good day'.  In this case it was pretty rough.
You cannot paddleboard without a fin.
I repeat:
Lesson learned.
Saturday we decided last minute to hike to stack Rock.
15,000 steps?
Try 26,000 at the end of that day.
I hurt today.
Smartest thing I did though was grab sunflower seeds for the boys on the way up....
It kept their mouths busy and zero complaining.
A very ambitious couple also needed some assistance on the way out.  They had plenty of water but were cramping up without sodium or electrolytes.  Thanks to our love of junk food - we had plenty salty foods to spare and share.
Gotta take care of each other out there. 
Jeff talked me into going a tad further up to Bogus.
We forgot a leash for Annabell and one of the employees was kind enough to donate some of his rope.
It was also the 1st day of Music on the Mountain!
They had reggae and the band was gooood!  So my jam!
And last but not least, I caved and my guys went on the coaster while I hung out with Annabell.
Jeff said it went super fast and even gave him a couple of butt-puckering moments.
Annabell and I enjoyed the music.