Week in Review - Early

Cell coverage will be pretty crappy the next two weeks so I am tagging this week a bit early.

My guy finished his last day of volunteering at the library for the summer.  He was pretty excited about his new book bag!

Annabell has been spoiled rotten on her birthday week -
Frosty Paws dog Ice Cream Treats
And a big fat Birthday Cake bone!
She is such a sweet girl...
It will be hard without her 
My karate kid.
I really love watching him do his thang.
He is gearing up to test for his next belt!
I have never seen what I look like getting my lashes dyed...
Orion kindly took a picture of me in all of my leaned forward, double chinned glory.
Tin Roof Tacos AGAIN.
No joke this place is the shiz!!!
Did I mention I am going to pickle my own onions?
We rescued a dove from Luna.
Unfortunately she found it again and shredded it.
We are not very successful is saving small lives from the black mumba.
This one.
This is her attempt to go with us, or so I choose to believe.
I do feel for her.
She will be all alone with Kay stopping by to scoop her poop.
I hope she is really as independent as she acts.
We dropped off Annabell with Jeff's sister.
I know she is in great hands but I will miss her so.
Stupid animals.