Week in Review

It's been a loooooooooong week.
We headed back to work and routine.
A whopping whole 3 days without snapping a single shot.
I made up for it on Thursday.
I do love the Village - It'Sugar is such a cool candy store!
I asked my guys to pose for a pic...
This is what I get. 
They are so mean to each other right now.
I bought these GIANT lollipops for our family photos - in August!
We are getting them done at the fair so I am really excited to see how they turn out!
Of course, Orion picked up every single thing that was inappropriate.
12 is not fun for me.
Not counting the awkward clothing stage between boy and man sizes - he is just plan rotten!
Proof below!!!
Bo really loved the Gummy Bear section.
For the first time ever, I had those little flash frozen balls of delicious goodness- Dippin Dots!
We had passes to Roaring Springs that needed to be used before the 1st week of July.
That meant a day of camping out in the sun and water.
It was perfect weather.
We might go again in July...
I imagine it is going to be worse.
That's all she wrote for this week.
These guys are kinda driving me nuts with their arguing and fighting, I had them do extra chores which in means their mouths are going even more.
I remind myself constantly that they are a gift...
A rotten gift at the moment but a gift nonetheless!