Week in Review

What a week!
We backpacked into Blue Lake near Cascade.
It. Was. Freezing.
The first night was so miserable but the view though...
We were trying to make it through some muddy areas and Bo jumped a tad too close to one...
He was better after a creek wash.
So cold there was ice on the lake and small falls.
Even poor Annabell curled up in the sun where she could.
It was fun but definitely not my cup of tea.
Of course we found bigfoot this week!!!
Orion is photobombing my shot.
Auntie Susanna gave him a GIANT  chocolate soccer ball to which he dug right into.
They were having a rough day getting along.
We had a bunch of peeps over Saturday night...
Susanna found a baby mantis by the firepit,
she made that face on purpose cuz it's so cuuuuuuute!
My boys playing with their baby cousins was adorable.
We have ages 17, 12, 9, and 1 (x2)
Orion and Hamish look related here:
Callum isn't a fan of the grass but he stayed put!
I love their sweet little faces!
Callum looks like both julie and Craig here.
I can't wait for them to bring home baby girl to this clan!
Hamish has a twinkle in his eye just like his momma!
Now we're on to Father's Day!
It's pouring rain and Jeff is hanging out in the bathtub.
Happy Father's Day to Robert!
Hope you got your package!