Week in Review

My boy...
And his creepy school biography project.
My tulip tree has gorgeous flowers growing from it!
I had no idea it would do this but I love it!
My boy hand his last band concert of the year.
Annabell caught on Bo's bed.
Annabell and Bo caught being cute!
Capital City Market
There is a lot of people but is also so fun and interesting!
We toured JUMP and made Bo JUMP too!
My children being their natural animalistic selves...
This cool dude...
He knows he's cute.
Waaaaay too cute.
Waffle Me Up food truck for reals!!!
Soooo yummy!
Just outside of Meridian, the storms rolling in have been pretty intense.
And Jeff...
Presenting me with my cat...

In a box.
My sunrise stroll...
Paddleboarding today
And a super delicious little hole in the wall WITH a taco food truck!!!
I am still drooling.
It was so good.