Week in Review

Bo is hard at work on his biography project.
Penny in the wild.
Yes she is panting.
Oh Bo.
Always game for a picture.
My guys were born with a camera in their faces.
Jeff got me a bubble machine and it is amazing!
This slug was as big as my finger!
Until someone rode up and squished it with a bike tire as I was taking a photo.
My clematis this year...
Me and boo...
With a filter.
Thanks to the filter, you can't see that I had electrolysis done and the blisters I have around my lips and chin.
Jiffy-poo replacing our screen door and installing a pet guard to prevent Annabell's and ahem... humans from plowing through it.
He's such a punk.
But I love him.

I do love the bubble machine he got me though, it's pretty rad.
Bo thinks so too.
This mess.
This hot mess is Bo.
All from his back pack.
Would you look at that?
I caught an Orion!
Thank goodness for Snapchat.
The filters reel em in!
Poor poo-poo.
This is after a 3 mile walk.
The vet has released her back to full normal activity.
I am still afraid to take her to the dog park though....
I love that sweet girl.