Week in Review

We were so busy this week but not a ton of pictures.
We started out the weekend though with Jeff's bday.
He doesn't like aging too much but he was pretty spoiled.
Oh.  Yep.  There she is.
Jeff and I walk Bo to school every Friday and one of the neighborhoods has cactuses in bloom!
Saturday, Bo and I went rolling blading at Kleiner.
This goose family had 14 goslings!!!
It was impressive.
Especially when most other families had an average of 5 babies.
For Mother's Day, I tried to call my mom and forgot they were now at the campground...
Hi mom! 
Happy mother's day!
PS - I sent you a package
We had breakfast with Jeff's sister and family and then the boys and I went to Babby Farms.
The kangaroo above looks like he means business but I was taking a picture between the fence.
Hence the stinkeye effect.
The boys loved the roos - I loved the llamas!
With a face like that who couldn't love a llama?
The camel was pretty majestic.
There were 2 humped ones too but they were too far away.
The Asian Otters stole everyone's hearts, they look so sweet!
I HAD to get a selfie with the llama!
Orion loooooved the camel.
Bo was a bit apprehensive.
At one point, the camel tried to taste Orion by surprise so Bo was on point with that one.
Oh. Yep.  There she is again.
A little snuggle time before she bites the shit out of me.
I'm ready for a nap.