Week in Review

It is so gorgeous outside and my lazy ass is in here posted my week in review.
Just look at that beautiful girl!
That face makes my heart happy - at that's just one of the reasons why she is the most expensive pound puppy you've ever seen.
I am super annoyed with this hair cut.
Look at those layers!!!!  I'm just gonna have to wait it out...
My little blue eyed devil.
I am such a sucker for this face.
Orion and I playing at Target.
He's such a cute little smartass.
Orion's last track meet.
We changed out the last two garden beds to cinder blocks and planted veggies.
Our sweet neighbors brought us breakfast one morning. 
Yes,  I killed that doughnut. 
Susanna is back from Thailand!!!
And to her dismay, in denial that Orion is taller than her.
I laugh but I know I'm next.
Cinco de Mayo at our neighbors yesterday.
Always too much food and tons of fun!
This was my job duty this morning.
The annual Lunashave.
Only this time, she didn't take it so well.
I mean, check out that stinkeye!!!
She was so pissed that she took a swipe and her favorite human!
Luckily, I trimmed her talons before this incident because I am not so sure Jeff wouldn't have snapped her neck.