Week in Review

So many pictures, so little time.
While Orion studies away at Mathnasium, Bo and hit the park with some OCP's.
I got spoiled rotten at work for Admin. Assistant day...

Seriously spoiled.
Yep.  They got me flowers.
Sniff, sniff.
I chopped off 3 inches of hair.
And got a super bad, uneven hair cut.
Seriously disappointed in this crap but what am I going to do?
Cut it more?
My. 1st. Blooming. Orchid.
Jeff will concur, I kill them all.
But this baby, she held on for the last year AND popped out a pretty bloom!
I cut out 70 of these hats for nurses week.
Thankfully some of my children, ahem upper management, have a great sense of humor and made it more fun.
Dust storm rolling in on the way to Payette.
My guys enjoying their new hats.
The Sawtooths on display.
All the grands in 1 photo.
Plus Bo.
Posing with a dog butt.
And Bo.
Fell in mud.
Giving us a gun show in beast mode.
Our little family #usie
The boys opening up some more Easter loot.
Orion went through them all to see the dollar Bill's from the outside. 
And good gravy - cactus duck tape!!!
I don't know what I would do with it but I need it!
To which we promptly purchased bacon duck tape instead.
And this one.
I turn my back for 1 second and she thinks she is queen of the countertop.
I try to punish her by smothering that cute face with kisses but she doesn't seem to be learning her lessons.