It's annual egg decorating time at casa de StormsFrasier! 

We had 4 over-steamed casualties and 1 dropped on the floor casualty but as you can see - we're not lacking in eggs.

This is the 1st year in a long while that we haven't have our own hodgepodge of chicken eggs.  Now that the weather is getting nicer, I am missing our fluffy feathered butts and sweet bouncing bunnies in the yard more and more...

Annnnnnd then we got Annabell's 1st bill on her surgery.

Hopefully when that's all paid off we can get back into urban homesteading.  One thing at a time.

Annabell is very interested in all the egg fuss.
We save our change throughout the year and fill plastics eggs.
The fellas are going to make bank this year.
The aftermath of the casualties.
They all end up in the same place in the end - 
Our bellies!
Tag along photo - 
I glanced in B-man's bag of treasures he took with us hiking...
It was a sweet surprise to find a family photo tucked away in there as well.