Sad House

We have a sad housegold going into the weekend.

Our dear sweet Annabell has a torn ACL courtesy of Bo jumping on her and can't use one of her rear legs.

We can either let her spend the rest of her days in pain or try to fix it with surgery.

In effort to afford this mess and still live a life, we have rehomed our chickens and rabbits to cut down on other expenses and save our Annabell.
Adulting sucks.
To top it off, our normal vet wants to charge us close to $400 to spay Pennywise - WTF you say?
I did too.
Thankfully a new place opened up called SNIP that we can get it done for $50.

I don't like our options but Annabell is a once in a lifetime kind of dog.
We will never have another pup as wonderful as her.

Zipper is an old man, who knows how long he has left.
Luna is still pretty young.
Pennywise sunk her little claws in deep and she is going nowhere.

Some people spend thousands of dollars on designer dogs...
Others spend thousands on vet bills for crazy outlandish shit that seems to only happens to us.
I honestly never thought my minimalizing would extend to our animals as well.