Getting Our Festive On

I haven't been very festive this year.
Usually I have a bunch of things planned. 
Unfortunately, the moment I say we are going to do something; all I get is whining because they don't want to go.
And then we get there and what do they do?
They go bat shit crazy is what they do!!!
Rolling down hills, running through the tunnel.
Yes, there was even bitching and moaning when I said it was time to go.
One even squeezed out a tear.
Or maybe that was snot.
Hard to tell.
I am showing the day backwards... 
I REALLY need to find this gift wrap.
With all the sexual harassment allegations going around, I feel it necessary to document the violation of this poor car for future use.
Then there is this one.
Who has been laying IN my plants.
Who also just figured out she can climb to the top of the closet like Tarzan.
Who likes to get my socks out of the laundry and drag them all over the house.
Who digs my fuzzy keychain out of my purse and takes off with it under the couch... with the keys attached.
Who bites my eyelid to wake me up.
Yes that one.
Ugh, I love this little devil.