Laughed so Hard

But I shouldn't have...  it just really caught me off guard.

Bo made us a lovely card and ornament, I really do adore their gifts.  Then I read the card....

I read it as follows:

Me:  "Hi Love by you
Dear mom and dad.  I love you and Happy new Years!!!
Uh oh yeah mom you do so much hard work
Dad you are 'busy' - "

Bo:  "No mom, that's laaaaazy."

Me:  (Bursts out in uncontrollable laughter)

Jeff:  "Your laughing only encourages him."

Me:  "He came up with this without my help.  I know you work 6 days a week but THEY don't see that.  They see you come home, sleep all time, get up and get on your phone with the TV on.  You don't do anything with them and how they perceive you is your own fault.  I warned you when Orion was a baby, 10 years later you might want to work to change their minds.  Bo, when you give someone a heartfelt give, make sure to leave out the insults in the future."

Bo:  "I meant to say he's only soooooometimes lazy."

How can you not laugh?!?