Oh it looks like nothing, but far from it.
The pic does not exclaim the magnitude of grossness of my leg. 

I went from a teeny punch biopsy to a hole the size of my big toe. 
The doc cinched it with a purse stitch to close which looked great the 1st day - until I went to work the next day.

Yep, thought I was invincible I did.  This nice opening is proving I am no where even close. 

It oozed blood when I took off the pressure bandage.  My first thought was to go get some more gauze and put pressure back on it so that it would stop bleeding.  As I went downstairs, I started to feel dizzy and lightheaded, on the verge of puking.  I sat said down on the landing and asked the boys to come help me.  I couldn't stand, I couldn't focus, I was messed up all from looking at this hole in my leg.

So I've learned my lesson, when the doctor tells you that you need to stay off your leg for two days by all means you better listen stay off your leg.

Now here I am, chilling in my chair with my leg up and I'm going to stay that way for the next two days because we got places to go, things to see and lots of fun to be had.

I'm not letting this missing chunk of skin stand in my way.