Because I Can

I did not vote.
People need to respect that.

We came so far as a country.
Women can vote.
We are free. 

But where we are now is pathetic.
People in our country are entitled, spoiled, rotten brats who are offended and sue over anything and everything.
We've lost sight of what we are supposed to be.

I am ashamed of our presidential options.

I did not vote.
People don't even understand that with the Electoral process our votes DO NOT COUNT.


I did not vote.

I am thankful for all that was fought for my rights and freedoms.
We are not the country we should be.
We are not the country we could be.

I. Did. Not. Vote
I am using my God given, fought for civil rights to NOT vote. 

We should not have to choose from 1 piece of CRAP or the other.

Look what we have become.
Look at this beautiful portrait a friend took of where we came from.
We should have had better options.
We should not have been forced to suffer with these options.

I am PROUD to confirm that I did not vote in the worst election in the history of the United States.