The Year of Ten Years

So many decades to celebrate this year.

My most favorite is Orionzilla turning double digits.  He is growing into such an amazing, thoughtful man cub.  It crushes my soul to see him gravitate away from me to independence but I will be proud to see him hold his own.

2nd is The Employer.  It's kind of amazing really.  I never expected to be where I am at, however; to be appreciated for what you do, given creative freedom on projects and more importantly - trusted in what you do goes a long way to stay.  I thank one manager for seeing potential in me to look past my lack of education and give me a shot.  I thank my current one for being such a giving, beautiful human being and respected leader.

Last one I'm not sure about how I feel...  A decade of me and Jeff.  Married.  Granted we have been together longer than that but stupid tradition dictates recognition of the date recorded by law.  Mostly we are strangers who coexist under the same roof, not always peacefully.  As the year's go by, we grow more apart and like each other less.  Maybe that's just me...  Or maybe Jeff is in denial.  Either way, reality is:  Nothing lasts forever.   Everyone gets too comfortable with their significant other and downfall ensues when there is no reason to try anymore. I'm not too proud of us.

What can I say?  I am a realist.

Overall though, definitely a milestone year to say the least.  The future is always a blank slate brought to fruition by our actions.

Cheers to 10 years.