Day 1 2016 - Take 2

Stupid Blogger.
Like's to lock up so I can't edit posts, then I look like a dummy.
Check out my handsome man...BUT DON'T TELL HIM!
His ego is big enough! 
I look sick.
No sleep = bags under the eyes
I don't know what it is but but since October I have just been a moody mofo.
A serial grumpasaurous if you get my drift.
This kid though...
And that one...
Look at that freaking sweet face on that little boy!
And these two studious studs are completely engrossed in their work.
I can't wait to see how these babies turned out.
And when the effing hell did painting ceramics get so expensive?!?!?
Don't ever go to Piggy Pigs in Meridian btw, they are assholes.
Thank goodness for pics to look back at these beautiful faces cause I was shitty.  
Well, I was shitty cause they were shitty but still...
Zero patience right now tell ya.
It's a good thing I'm a shutterbug and we are perfectly faux. ;)