Xmas Eve & Xmas Day

The party has just begun and Belly is pooped...
Especially since she can't go in the kitchen.
The Santa Cookie Extravaganza!
My neighbs is far too generous - and she finds cool and hilarious shit!
Christmas Day - 
Oh we failed.
Big time.
Jeff wanted to help BUT instead of waiting for the boys to be asleep, he packed the prezzies under the tree.  I left the 'Santa gifts' in our room and went to clean up.
Jeffs face was so engrossed in his phone, failed to notice Orion prance his way in.
Good bye Xmas magic.
Needless to say, there was a lot of explaining the next morning.
I even rewrapped those suckers but noooooo.
To top it off, no matter how many times I have told Jeff to NOT put "from Santa' on my gifts - he STILL DOES IT!
Leading to more questions.
Our crockpot breakfast was nasty and overcooked.
We showed up and the village 45 minutes early for our movie because I screwed up the time.
While we were there, the boys were kind enough to remember they forgot to check their stockings...
To which I promptly remembered I hadn't filled them.
Such mediocre issues, I know.
I take great, painstaking care to make sure the boys have a magical Christmas. It does hit me hard because I do really, REALLY try.
After our movie, we went sledding just to enjoy a bit of snow before it all melts.
Finally - prezzie time!
I will cherish this particular photo always.
Look and the genuine feeling in that handwriting...  Or possibly the genuine affect it has on my heartstrings.
Well with this one Santa did.
Jeff KILLED me with a Wookie mask.
Hours of fun and laughter.
That mask singlehandedly turned the day around.
Santa's rocked it again!
Smelly Belly wasn't too sure about the Wookie mask...
But she looooooves that under the tree was empty again.
She also loved one of Bo's toys - yonk!