I rewrote this post.  The first was all lies.  I really do try to mostly keep things positive and upbeat.  

Everyday is not all rainbows and sunshine.  We look good in our pictures, happy.  Reality is that it's fake.  All fake. 

We're just like everyone else.  We put on a good show.

We fight.

We hate.

We complain

We don't appreciate.

See, just like everyone else.  All these pretty  pictures?  Just for show.  Oh some of them you can see the 'real', not all.

Today was rough.  My man cubs set me off first thing and it didn't end.  

I constantly tell myself to stop being so angry and have more patience... but it doesn't work.  I constantly tell myself someday we will all be gone in some way shape or form and roll in guilt.


I know behind every rough day, a hug and snuggle from these beasts make it all worthwhile while.

Am I doing it right?  Only time will tell.