For every fail -

There must be a win.


H-Day was a complete win.
A baseball win and season end,
Halloween costumes that cost next to nothing,
Halloween costumes that were THE absolute HIT of the hood,
BADASS classic Jacks,
Perfect fall weather,
With us together.

Time to chill - literally.

Check out this freaking SNAIL!!!!
I was putting the pumpkins out and saw this tiny sucker (haha) and the lighting was PERFECT!
Red neck family selfie,
My what fantastic teeth we have....
And these...
Holy shiznit batman!  
I could not get enough of this area, it was just spectacular!
Did I tell you these costumes were going to be world renowned?!?
Just LOOK at THEM!
Red Barron + Pizza
All the adults got a HUGE kick out of them.
Poor Bo couldn't fit through most doorways let alone ring a doorbell or knock.
Or hold his candybag...
Next year I will have to be more practical than cost conscious.
That duck tape though...
So FREAKING amazing!
Orion helped Bo get candy and maneuvered him around so he wouldn't knock other kids out with his wings.
I took their costume pics waaaaaay before trick or treating, no pics in the dark this year!
(Okay maybe a couple...) 
The boys picked out the pumpkin for Annabell, I wanted the dinosaur.  :(
There's a dark pic!
(But a good one.)
We really have an amazing neighborhood full of Halloween fanatics.
Another dark pic. 
Not my fav.

The Chick Magnet and Medusa and the Trick or Treat after party.
My eyelashes are reminiscent of Twiggy and I learned a fine lesson on spray painting rubber snakes - some rubber materials do not work well with paint. Meaning they stay tacky and never dry.
I didn't get as many snakes on my head as I had planned.
On another note, my bib necklace was duck tape and AWESOME!!!

They are so cool.