We so went there.
Mom and Rob - you'll be happy to know that I STILL bring animals home to this very day!  
I have brought home every single animal we have had together. 
It's pathetic.
I have no reservation.
It's like, I see an animal and I can hear them in my head saying, "take me home".
Poor Jeff...
Except he really loves this one.

Here's our newest family member:
Annabell the Pitt-Mastiff
9 weeks old, been with a foster family for 8 of those.  She even let's us know when she has to potty. 
Can you say IMPRESSIVE?

Oh don't give me that... 
We didn't intend on getting a large breed but like I said, she called to me...
In my head...
In a picture on the Internet...  whoops!
(Yep, just admitted that.)
Cool background story though - she's one of the rescues displaced from the California fires.  Made it all the way to our #idahome. 
Yep, she called to me.