Do. You. See. That?!?

If any of you know Jeff, when he tells you he has a surprise - they usually aren't very good.

For example:
JEFF:  "Get ready to go boys,  I have surprise for you."
BOYS:    "What is it dad?!?!?" ( Jumping with excitement...)
JEFF: "We're going to the store!"

Wait.....  whu what?

Yeah, thats his idea of a surprise.  So when he told me the other evening he had a surprise for me,  I blew it off. 

Eventually I went to bed.

I happened to look at my bed side table - low and behold THERE WAS A BUMBLEBEE  HEAD!!!

I gasped and oooed and awwwed.

Jeff says " You finally noticed my surprise?"
ME: "Where did you find his head???"
JEFF:  (Sheepish look)  "In my pants pocket..."

What a real surprise!  I giggled for quite  awhile.  Good does prevail over evil and now Bumblebee will have his head SUPER GLUED to his body so he may protect and serve car keys for many for years to come!