Where oh where to begin?!?
I say this often because sometimes we just plow through life and I would hate to forget to mention all of our amazing  moments!
It's my bday week.
Yes week.
Not day, week.
Get it?
Jiffy forgot my birthday ONE time in our relationship he has never let me down since.  From wake boarding to paddle boarding, summer birthdays are the BEST!
And it's not just Jiffy that's the best, I am a huge supporter in the fact that if you care about someone you remember their birthday - without the help of Facebook.  I have some pretty freaking fantastic family and friends who remember me for me, and it makes my heart sing!

My momma, she picks a card that looks like me!  ( Only waaaaaay cuter!)  ; )
Yes, I bought myself cupcakes to take camping.  Yes, yes I did.
THE perfect weather.
Tiny frogs and little boys go hand and hand, who knew?
"They are so cute mom!!!"
WOWZA!  Yep, my hubster is dang fine.
Oh the cheese balls.  
What happy camper isn't complete without the cheese balls?
And frogs?
I braved taking my phone out on the water to take pics of these lilies.  They were gross and majestic all at once!
Oh the views!
And what the hey?!?
Yep, up close and personal with a river otter family while on the paddle board.  Yeaaaaa,  I was a tad nevous, they were big and they had big teeth.
Happy camper selfie.
Don't judge.
Who has good pics when camping?
We heard about a rope swing across the lake...
And yes, I had to try it out.
Surprisingly, Jiffy didn't.
Oh, the cheese balls again.
Let me tell you about Fatty McFaterton.
Our camp chipmunk who was 3, yes 3 times the size of all the other chipmunks.  He was a MUTANT!  But a fun one...
"Please sir, won't you share a nibble of your red vine?  If not I shall taste you instead!"
And taste Bo he did, no broken skin though.
Fatty had a weird obsession with my water shoes, we had to hang them up to stop him from chewing.
Look at that - as big as Jeffs hand.  Yes, he was a great source of entertainment.
Bo, the camera is herrrrreeee...
Aw yeah, one family selfie for the books - PROOF happy campers!
The day before we headed back, looked like a fire on the outskirts and boy was there a doozy!
Had to take the boys back to the rope swing, they LOVED it despite the leeches in the water.
Yes I said leeches.
Your welcome.
I came home to this card.
I believe I make mistakes, I also genuinely feel that I am a decent person who makes mostly good choices.
I am who I am because of those who influence me to be a good person, love life and take joy where you can.
From lovely cards to surprise bundt cakes in the fridge upon returning from out of town - these are a small part of what makes life so beautiful and so much more.
Be good to each other, we only have a little while.