Where to start...

I guess at the beginning would be best.

This morning we went geocaching in the rain, on our bikes.  It was fun but we turned up zero treasure.  :)

Bo was extremely proud of how he dressed himself this morning.  He made the determination that he looked better than Orion.

We hit lunch in the park with HT and clan, who also brought a shit ton of bread to feed ducks and geese.

Dinner with all things from the garden beds except the chicken (which can be easily remedied).

Oh, and batting practice with water balloons = SUPER FREAKING AWESOMENESS!

Soon we are off to swim lessons and open swim after that.

Some where in the middle there, the boys and I managed to do some yard work and get math assignments done.

Jeff wears my sunglasses when he can't find his, which is ok since I have a ridiculous abundance and he actually looks really good in them.  :)

Never a dull moment in this household.