Small Talk

Alright ladies, let's talk about a little thing known as 'boob sweat'.

Now, now...  Don't pretend you don't know what I am talking about.  Even itty bitties have this problem.  Anyone, who wears a bra or has a boob crease has this widely known summer time problem.  Isn't wonderful to be having a convo with someone and suddenly you feel a slow trickle escape from somewhere it shouldn't?

Men may try to corrupt your thought process and tell you it's not as bad as sweaty balls, however; women STILL have to deal with swamp crotch on top of boob sweat.  BOOM.

So. How to deal:

Powder your bits and junk? Yeah, only lasts so long.

Deodorant.  Oh yeah baby.  Thats. The. Ticket.

What you say?!?  Seriously, it works wonders.  A swipe along the underside of each boob earns you a day of boob sweat freedom!  I tell ya - be liberated and FREE from liquid rolling down and coating your side! 
You don't want to put the armpit stick on your boob?  Well get a separate one.  Simple as that.

And as an added bonus - swipe deodorant on your panty lines.  Your junk will thank you.

Disclaimer:  If you and your fella get your freak on, I advise washing said treated  areas very, very well.  I am not responsible for what happens if you don't.