Brag Time

Sappy schtuff aside, it's time to brag on my boy!

During the championship AA Little League game, Orion finally found his confidence.
Not only did he get a hit, he caught a fly ball!!!!!!!

What an AMAZING turn around!

Jeff says he didn't know who was more surprised and excited - me or Orion.  Yep, proud mom hiccupping and trying not to cry.  Parents came over and high fived and gave us kudos, Orion tried so hard and it finally paid off.  The whole season was worth it just to see that ONE look of surprise and joy on that man cubs face!

The team played their best game EVER and ended up as co-champions for a tie game.   It was a SERIOUS nail biter game!  Some kids can go through their whole life and never make it to a championship game.  Pretty darn lucky.