A week or two ago we experienced a traumatic event in our household.

We lost four of our chicks due to a very,  VERY sad human error.

Resulting in 2 survivors.

I haven't bawled my face off like that in a looooooong time.  Yes.  Over chickens.  Regardless of animal type, they were just poor innocent babies.

Top one here is a golden seabright bantam that goes by the name of Drumstick.  And has severe, seriously severe separation anxiety as a result of the event we now refer to as the 'chicktastrophe'. It will not stop the squawk if you know what I mean.

Below is the miracle bird that came back from the dead - Doodle.  The one is a birchen cochen.  Sweet, fluffy little thing.  Probably because it was dead for a bit.

After all that drama, we are really freaking hoping these two are hens.