Super Sigh

After Saturdays truck debacle, I thought we were in the clear.

Oh boy was I wrong.

Today I was stranded. In Garden City.  Could have been worse.  It HAS been worse.  I have not had so much car troubles since...  Since...

Shoot, its been a while.  Like before I met Jeff.

I went to war with the truck today.  It just stopped running.  Flat out stopped.  I did what I could with the meager means I had available but ended up calling roadside assistance. 

Thank you USAA.  A bruised cheek and leg later, I am crossing my fingers that the battery was the only problem and is the last issue for awhile.

Please, please, PLEASE!!!

On a good note, my tiny tyrant learned how to swing by himself today.
Yeaaaaaa for the little things!