Itty Bitty Progress

A few of my lovely friends have asked what's going on with this bulging disc business.

I got a second opinion and the verdict was the same - surgery.  A fusion in my neck.

Well, I still find this unacceptable.  My wonderful first doctor checked in on me at work, and he said, "I know I scared you, but I have been trained that when symptoms like yours present surgery is how I fix it."  I love honesty.

My response: 

I cannot have surgery until I have exhausted all effort on my side.

So, physical therapy.  Its a long road but I have seen a little progress.  Yes my arm still hurts, my neck aches like crazy, and my hand and arm still go numb periodically.  I have changed what I eat to help heal.  I stay home.  I pop B vitamins like they are going out of style.  I have to work at this and I believe in it.  I am comfortable with this approach.  We are so used to instant everything. Unless I put my fam in massive debt, this is the road worth taking.

A looooooooong road but worth it in the end.