Start Your Engines!

This morning started off with a bang!

I woke up grumpy due the kids getting up at 7am to play Super Mario Brothers.

I go to the grocery store.  Halfway through shopping I find out that my wallet is missing.

I park my cart @ customer service, run home, still not there.  Then I remembered we went to ice cream last might.  Doh!!!

The nice people at u swirl safely tucked my wallet behind the counter.

After that I proceeded to spill soda all over the front of my pants.

Yesterday when we went to the school  to run laps around the track, Orion's teacher met up with me she said, "Boy I really hoped I would see you today.  You need to teach Orion how to pee with his pants up at the urinals, it's causing quite the commotion in the boys bathroom."  I thought for a second, and yep that's something I'd never thought to teach him.  Being the primary parent, and a female one at that, the thought it never came to my brain. 

So yes, warning to all you mothers out there with little boys - make sure you teach them to pee through their fly without dropping their pants around their ankles.  Apparently it's a big no no in the mens bathroom.