Annnnnd We're Off


To work that is....
As bored as I have been, the house hasn't been this clean in a loooooooooooooong time.  
Maybe not even since we moved in.
The yard looks awesome.
I've planted a bunch of stuff.

But alas, it's time to go back.
Yesterday Bo was given a semi clean bill of health.
The ear looks good but because he's Bo, the doc wanted 2 more weeks of home time.
Yeah that's a negative in the PTO department.
So we compromised on no physical activity for two more weeks.
That's gonna go over real well at daycare.
Heh, heh.

I am returning with a weight lifted off my shoulders (because its all about me, you know).  No more impending doom thinking about surgeries and stuff.  Okay maybe the bills but I think we've got that covered.  I get to go in, do my thing, and leave.  Yeaaaa!
I fully intend to ignore the typical work drama and just be happy and ignorant and make the best of everything I can.  
I'm going to make some money to get that garden going, rebuild my PTO and hope we can have a REAL vacation before the year is out!

 I am really grateful I was able to be a part of every practice and game Mr. O has had these last three weeks.  

That was a sweet treat.

Plus we got to celebrate a little four year old's birth.
I am betting that this will be the last extra bit of time off I will have before Bo goes to school.  

Maybe I will come back out of my shell and stop being an introvert, start doing things with other people again.

Ahh, such is life!