The Carpets Are CLEAN!

And in no particular order -

Oh yes the carpets are CLEAN!
It took a couple of hours but its DONE!

Same weekend we ALL had a visit at the dentist.
Technically, this is Bo's 1st visit outside of when his front tooth was broken.
As you can see, he did really well.
Orion did really well too.
Unfortunately, Orion's 6 year molars are not in yet so no dental sealant yet.

Now for this pic, here is the BEST salsa recipe EVER.
Okay, maybe for right now.
I like SUPER crisp veggies and had to do something with a bunch before they went soft.
So here you go:

AMY'S Bell Pepper SALSA

3 Bell Peppers
(1 yellow, 1 red, 1 green)
2 Tomatoes
1 Small Onion
1 Bushel of Cilantro
1/2 a Lemon
Red Pepper Powder
Garlic Pepper Season Salt

NOTE:  I tried to do the pictured batch in the blender and I think my belnder must really suck because it didn't work.  I resorted to my mini food processor just to finish but the 1st batch that originated this creation was by far the best with good ole fashion had chopping!

Orion got the Monster Truck Jam (Wii) for his bday.
I love randomly walking through the house and finding the kids' imaginations at work.
Evidience below.

The Chick Inn is DONE!
Okay so maybe not all the way but for the most part it is.
It's cute, classy, and it blends well with the shed and the house.

Now, what is wrong with this picture?
Not a darn thing but it sure is cute!
I was quite surprised to see a chicken laying by our lazy cat.

Mom, this one's for you!
I should have bought them but I didn't think anyone would actually wear them.
LOVE Urban Outfitters crap!

Father's Day 2012
Jeff had a good day.
I did notice though between coworkers and such that men on Father's Day take off and do something w/o the fam, like say Jeff here.  He went with our neighbor to Payette Brewing Co. for a few hours.  When he got home, he blasted through yard work.
Poor guy was toast by dinner.
He got a food dehydrator, boneless rib dinner and an Italian Creme Cake to boot!

And below is Bo enjoying said cake.
No really, this cake is something else.
My boss makes it at work every time someone gets a certification or degree.
It's SO delicious!

We had A hot day in the middle of some cool ones.
I was VERY mad at Jeff because he didn't put sunscreen on the boys.
Poor Bo got blistered with scabby shoulders.
Yeah, it was THAT bad.
I was pissed.
On the otherhand, the poor neighbors got quite the show if they were peeping into our backyard.

Once those dang carpets were cleaned, I had to get out.
My muscles needed a different kind of work.
The bike ride kind.
I found a nice little route through one of the subs that cuts from our house to the Kohls shopping center which also includes:  USWIRL!!!

And a break in our regularly scheduled program,
for your viewing pleasure.
Yes Orion found these babies in the strawberry bed.
HE didn't see what I saw BUT I had to point them out.
Tee Hee! 

This last week we babysat Mr. Hugh Bunny.
The DePedro Bunbun.
He is quite the handsome feller.
He didn't appreciate being stuck in the bunny run while Chai and the chickens ran around teasing him.
Oh and in the bottom right pic you can FINALLY see Chai's wonky leg.
You can also see, it's not stopping her from digging that hole she's face deep in.

We are gearing up for Bo's surgery on Wednesday.
I bought him some special waterproof earplugs and took the kidlets to the Meridian pool.
I thought about Roaring Springs but I was afraid to chance it.
At least he got out once before this all goes down.
He was freezing by the way, almost 100 degrees and the kid was cattering his teeth like a beaver!

I totally have more to post but maybe I can get another one in before Sunday.
If not - Blogger Mobile, here we come!