It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year..

It hap - happiest season of all!
There will kids trick or treating 
Marshmellows for eating
Lots kiddies & ghouls to scare - 
It's the most won~der~ful timeeeeeeeeee ooooooofffffff the yeeeeeeeaaaaaaarrrrrrrrr!
Top Lt:  Boys with our cute neighbor girls, Top Rt: God forbid should anyone hold still for a GD picture!!!  Bottom Lt: Bo always with the cheese face..., Bottom Rt: Orion was so cute, wish I could have gotten his face.

An hours worth of Trick or Treating brought an extra 20 pounds to my ass while drooling over the kids' loot.
It twas the coldest Halloween we've had in the last 5 or so years... 
Bo gave up after a half hour - who can blame him?