Montana Recap

Just when you think you've taken every picture under the sun to capture memories,
you realize you (I) have missed s-e-v-e-r-a-l. 
Oh, BTW, there are naked peeps on here.  And I'm not talking kidlets people.

Haaaad to throw in some of the 'before' the trip pics.
A gal I work with makes these AWESOME hats.  They are SO vibrant! 
Unfortunately Orion's was misplaced in his room annnnnnnnd I was lacking time to search.
However, if you would like a hat such as these - visit Saturday Market downtown.
Did I mention I got myself and stinkin cute one too?
Bo put his on as soon as he got up the next morning - SURPRISE - I had the camera beside the bed for this!
 We had construction the ENTIRE way there. What has normally been a 6 hour drive turned into 8.  We stopped for a few potty breaks and ran around a hot springs
{briefly-more to come}
and of course I didn't rush.  I was SERIOUSLY nervous driving to Montana with the boys by myself.

Heading towards Sun Valley, we hit a BIG fog bank.  I had to pull over and stare for awhile.

And well you know, had to take a pic on Galena Summit.

So here is where it get a tad more interesting.
This is the hot springs outside of Stanley - in between Challis.
As we pulled up, you can see the hot springs clear as day.  There was a couple there from Utah, fully clothed at this time.  I was yelling at the boys, you know, stuff like "Stay away from the edge, don't pick up the poop, blah, blah, blah".  I mean, I was loud.  You could hear us echoing through that canyon... 

And then we came upon this.
They saw us, they didn't care.
Food for thought - if you happen to be naked, and I happen to be around
I'm going to take your picture.
You can't be decent enough to keep your clothes on in public well, your screwed.

 I'd have to say the best part of the trip was the fishing.
Both of the boys were not very interested at 1st.
Robert brought 6 poles and no sooner than the 1st one hitting the water did we hook a fish.
That had their attention!


And as you can see, I didn't take many shots of anything else.
We did several things.  And I took several pics - just on my phone.  Can't forget to add my honorable mention visit to the candy store.  Jeff and I have always stopped there while in Montana and spent around $60. 
That alone, Is. A. LOT. For. Candy.
They make their own fudge and they have Huckleberry syrup...
So I bought candy for our neighbors and ourselves and it came up to a WHOPPING $80.
No joke dude.
I balked. 
The guy threw in some free pumpkin fudge.
He must have still felt bad because he gave us a free truffle too.
When we got home, I added up what I got, it didn't add up to no $80.

It rained the whole way home.  Took another 8 hours but we made it safe and sound.
We hit the door running to a bday party on the way home.
Went to work the next 3 days...
On and on and on.