Dis-FUNK-shun-al Camping

That is right.
We CREATED dysfunctional,
Camping that is.

Lets start this tale off right - on the road.
DAY 1:
Our SUPER. AWESOME. neighbors (Mike & Kay) took us on a boat camping trip.
DISCLAIMER: We are neighbors we usually go over and talk to them, hence the reason we do not have their phone #'s.
On the road it started with a 'free sale'.
Yep another new concept.
We lost the following:
1. Swim Noodle
2. Deck of cards
3. Camp fire sticks
While on the free way.
We almost lost a bag of blankets, and more camp sticks.
Why almost?
Because as we stopped at lights, I got out of the car,
ran up to the back of the boat and grabbed this and tucked in that.
Even better:  Mike & Kay never noticed! 
NEXT:  We get to our destination.
Mike is kinda upset with Kay because she forgot his bourbon,
Only to turn around and realize - HE FORGOT THE TENT!
NOTE:  Our tent is called a 'Cabin tent' for a reason.  We all fit comfortably minus the snoring wars in the middle of the night.
Jeff & Orion almost walked straight into a skunk!
Yupper doodle - skunk.
And it was a MOMMA skunk no less.
The guys were smart enough to put the food up BUT in the middle of the night the skunks still raided our camp and fought over dog food.
They forgot the dog food.
Not that the dog missed it mind you - she had STEAK!
 DAY 2:
Mike & Kay were so nice to  take us out on boats rides and it was absolutely beautiful. 
Perfect weather, temperature, smooth ride.
Until our last boat ride of the evening that is...
We get back from the UNeventful boat ride to find COWs in our camp.
Uh, yeah I said cows.
They. ATE. ALL. of. Our. Food
Dry food that is, ranging from but not limited to 2 boxes flavored water drink, 2 boxes of graham crackers, chocolate bars, 6 bags of chips, 2 bags of marshmellows, 1 box of pancake mix, hot dog buns, gourment chibatta bread, and a partridge in a pear tree.
They didn't get into the coolers so we had eggs and sausage for breakfast but geez.
We had enough food for a week - only to have range cows bust open the plastic tubs and have a smorgusboard.
We had cow slobber EVERYWHERE!
They even sucked on a flash light and spit it back out (still works too).
When Orion found out we couldn't have s'mores - he was pissed! 
He kept saying "Wets go keel dem cows!  BAD COWS!"
We cleaned up camp and thought our fun was done.
In the middle of the night we had some more visitors. 
Would you care to guess?
The cows came back for one but they had already eaten us out of a camping trip so they were a tad S.O.L.
Cue the skunks.
Now, we don't know if a cow stepped on a skunk or a skunk was stupid enough to get burned on the fire pit but that sucker was screaming bloody murder.
In the middle of the night.
And. Then. It. Sprayed.
The smell wafted into the tent and we choked on stink.
Next morning there were no traces of the cows but we lost a chair due to skunk spray.
Homeward bound.

DAY 3:
Good news - nothing else was lost on our way home.
Bad news - I think we will be getting a bill from the City of Meridian.
We went in the house as usual and Orion opened the back door and the alarm went off.
I forgot I had set it.
It was literally on for only seconds before I turned it off.
Nothing to to it, took the boys and got in the shower.
Few minutes later, Jeff walks upstairs and asks me if we failed to turn off the alarm.
Well uh yup.
2 of Meridians best showed up and interigated him while he was mowing the lawn.
The kids and I are all cleaned up and I thinking to myself that the alarm has gone off like that before and the cops haven't showed up, weird.
I go outside and see a paper on the front door - an incident report.
Apparantly something happened on Monday WHILE we were a few hours into our camping trip and the alarm went off due to the front door. 
We don't know if it wasn't securely lached and the wind blew it open or what but the alarm company reset it once the police checked the place out hence the reason they showed up so fast the 2nd time.

NOTE:  I took tons of pictures.  Still don't quite have the telephoto lens down but hey, practice may pay later.  The top collage is a crane that kept coming back to the camp.  I couldn't believe my luck when I caught it trying to fly off.  Not the best but freakin sweet.  Middle pics are just a bunch from the trip, no skunks or cows in the bunch.  And saving the best for last - BLACKMAIL er I mean teaching Bo to water the trees.  Why am I teaching him?  I married Jeff, need I say more?