It was a train wreck this morning.

Last night we went and visited my Uncle in the hospital.  He had had massive heart surgery.  He is pretty much the ONLY family I have on my pops side considering my dear ol dad likes to remain incognito. 
GOOD NEWS:  He's on the mend and a new life style.

Lucky me has been trying to arrange pics for my little familicious.  Finally got final confirmation today - one less worry.  Did I mention the huge zit on my nose? Perfect for pictures!

Now I hope this chick can work some slimming magic with her cam.

Everything was already a mess yesterday trying to get everything ready for Orion's new daycare and school.

Today, was even worse if you can imagine. 

Orion didn't even look back as he went in with his teacher.

I made it back to the truck before my eyes spilled over.  It brought me back to the 1st time I had to drop him off at daycare.

Afterward I wondered what the heck I was going to do with myself since Bo was at daycare for the big day.  I hopped on the elliptical and blasted some Lady Gaga - that is until Jeff walked in @ 11am. 

My 6'4 baby (yes I still claim the poop) had gotten burnt at work on some heating coils for the inmates food.  Off to urgent care we went.  We got out just in time to pick up Orion from school.  Yep, got a little emotional again - thanks goodness for sunglasses. 

So now we are getting ready for fam pics after little Boo's nappy poo.  I have threaten all 3 boys with their lives that we had better 'enjoy' fam pics and get some good ones out of the session.  Lets see what kind of drama unfolds from this event! 

Dude, it's only 12:55pm my time.
What the hizzle have you been doing with your day?

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