What to do when your sick...

Rose - Marigold


I have not been taking very good photos lately and it is because of the following:

1 - I have been using my phone cam.  It's convenient, what can I say.
2 - I changed the setting on my camera and have not used it enough to remember what is most beneficial.

Whilst hopped up on meds, guarding the couch & hacking up lung cookies I have reviewed my manual, reset my cam to the way I prefer and found some NEW excIting accessories for my wish list that I HAVE to share!!!

Would you just look at this bag?!?!?!?  THIS  is a camera bag for the lAdies.
And I likEy!
But it's $89.
That's a sad price for me.
On to my next shopping excitement.
(It's like window shopping online!)
mama bird (rts) Product Image
My next item is from The Vintage Pearl. 
Honestly I have been eyeballing this necklace for awhile but I am still dreaming.
How about this super cute shirt?
They say they run small so I am against buying it KNOWING that I will have to order and XL.
SHUTTERBUG t-shirt... sz L Product Image
Anyhooter - that's my boring sick shopping rant in between breathing treaments, MD visits, and Rx runs... Yeaaa.
And OF COURSE I have to throw out that I blame this ALL on Jeff for bringing home a NaSTY PRiSON virus!!!!    ;)