Swim Lessons Part 1

You know that kid in class that ALWAYS yaks his face off and NEVER pays attention?
That's my kid.
Yeah, that one down there.
Let me quote the instructor from his comment section on Orion's swimming scorecard:
"Orion has SO much energy and is a BLAST to have in class!  As he learns to listen a little better, he will quickly advance through level 2. :)"
Yes, the instructor even put the smiley face after that comment.
But really, it's true.
I had to stop Orion a couple of times to make him listen to the instructor.

Have I mentioned that the Meridian pool hires the beautiful people?
Yeah Mr. Hottie above was Orion's instructor.
I, uh, tried to take more pictures of Orion but Mr. College kepting getting in the way...
What the hizzle?!?  (Heh, heh.)
The chicks are just as gorgeous and rocking the bods as well, you just can't help but stare at the eye candy.

NEXT:  Swim Lessons Part II (In 2 weeks)
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