Waking up is a struggle,
knowing there is a possibility that everything could be taken away at any given moment.
Morbid much?
Yeah, I know.

Today we had a burfday boy.
We made a stop and picked out some special cupcakes at Lily Janes Cupcakes.
They are spendy but boy are they worth it.

Then off to Kathryn Albertson's Park.
It was a day worthy of a TON of photos.
Orion said this was his best birthday ever!

I didn't want my burfday boy to spend the day at home waiting for his dad to get off work.
It was a great day for it.

We brought some old bread to (NOT) feed the geese. 
I was surprised how nice the geese were.
Usually those suckers are so mean.
Bo ran up and down between them and not so much as a nip.

I don't think the boys have seen the fountain run before.
I'm pretty sure it was too much for Bo.
Orion couldn't get enough.

Me and My Sweets.
It's been awhile since I have posted one of these.
It kind of got old.
We did have an opportunity today and it was cute.
I love how Orion has a feather in one hand and a stick in the other.
The only thing missing was Bo's thumb in his mouth.