Six Years & Counting...

Yes, in this case that's a pretty sad thing to say.
I dream about Bo.
I see him in my boys.
I hear him in their laugh.
I think of him all the time.
I get so tired of people who think they know it all. Tired of being told its time to get over it.
We lost him.
We all did.
He is loved.
He is missed.
I still tear up thinking of him.
No matter how hard I fight it.
Six years.
I miss him.
It makes me sad to see my boys fight and I secretly hope they will never know how this feels.

{After Post Note:  I woke up this morning and I could hear the birds singing, my kids playing, and the faint hum of cars rolling on Eagle.  All I could think of is STOP.  Stop and remember.  Stop and mourn with me.  He was special, he was a person.  I know there are a handful of us who feel this way.  I just can't help but wish I could make everyone stop for one day and feel our anguish & remember him.  My husband came home and left again without a word.  It's so easy to forget when you only knew him for short while.  Life goes on.  It's inevitable.  I want a holiday of remembrance just for him!  For his stupidity, for ourselves.  Of course I can have one, all in my head.}
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