Uuuuuuuuuuuuber Tired

 Orion and Bo at Urban Outfitters

Busy, busy, busy!
Not only have we had Big J's bday, we celebrated it twice!
Once on his bday, 2nd party on the weekend.
In which he proceeded to get drunk on his butt,
Fell down the stairs,
And slept in the boys' bathroom.

my parents have been here
(note the VERY old pic of them)
 We've been running, running, running.
Ending with a SUPER awesome train ride.
Somewhere in there I was exposed to a cold and it dropped me flat on my butt.
Not to mention when we went to the park, I got off a bench to run after Bo, my keys got stuck in the seat and I flew back,
on my ass,
in front of everyone under the sun.
Oh well.