Walmart SUCKS!

I know I have stated this on more than one occasion and I still go...  Probably just so I have something to complain about.  Good I thing I learned my lesson working there as a teen.

Yep, wally world drives me nuts. I told the cashier several times that more items could go in the bags. She continued to put 1 - 4 items in each bag! So I started combining them, well, let me tell you what. You would have thought I had pissed in her coffee.  I wish they had a setup like Winco.  I never have a good experience at Walmart. I am just continually thankful that we no longer live near the Overland one. Did I mention that I went @ 9am this morning to avoid the crazies? Oh, BTW, yes that is gigantic poop on my windshield courtesy of the Walmart bird population.
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