Flowers & Brothers

You know, not a single day goes by where something does not remind me of my little bro. Today was extra special. Susanna and I went to the Boise flower and garden show, kids in tow.
PROPS: To my bestie for always trucking through adventures with me and the boys. If they are driving me nuts I can only IMAGINE how insane they drive her!


One of the booths was CoverTech, who happens to be an ex employer of little bro Bo. I met the owner Bob, whom I distinctly remember Bo saying he was a damn good boss. I told him who I was, introduced my demon spawn. He was proud to point out his display samples to me, which were created by Bo. He even said that his current employees hated those samples because they couldn't make them look as well as Bo did. I felt like Bob was attempting to not get choked up.  Maybe I imagined it. He seemed affected by my visit.  I do know he really liked my bro. When Bo died, he and his wife sent me a heartfelt letter describing their anguish of his loss. Bob certainly made my day, maybe we will use them for our patio.
I know how good they really are.

Kokopelli created by Bo L. Storms

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