Tell me, what is your 1st reaction when you are told your child has an infection in his neck and no one knows what has caused it?

Sure, the CT shows an abnormal small abcess and antibiotics reduced the inflammation...

But what about when the doc tells you that the ER doc called to find out what it was as well because it is so unusual?

Or how about when the doc says, "I don't want to freak you out but you should have his extremely large adnoids removed because I can't rule out a tumor."

Let me tell you what I am doing -


It could very well just be a cyst on the adnoids that caused it, but the possibility is there and THAT my friends is what has me worried.

When a VERY experienced, highly referred MD tells you they have never seen anything like it THAT has me going BANANAS!!!

1/25/11 - Adnoid removal & further exploration. Don't forget the waiting on pathology part after that.

The fun just never ends around here.
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