The worst Xmas ever

You heard me right.
OK maybe not ever but definitely one with parts I don't care to remember ever again.
Good thing I've got pics of the best parts!

The day started out great,
(Jeff bringing the boys down to see what Santa had left them, Orion was practiacally dragging Jeff down the stairs.)

The boys thrashed through their gifts,

(That includes my big boy Jeff...)

They played all day!

(Yep, you are seeing correctly.  Both boys playing with the same train at different times!)

Jeff had to sleep,
I cooked, cooked, & cooked some more.
We were supposed to  be rocking the pj's until Jeff woke up
to continue our festivities
Then the shit hit the fan.
No I will not elaborate.
Lets just say that certain people whom Jeff & I thought were good,
 pulled some shit that was ridiculous to say the least.

End result:  Me + Bawling my face off (over stupid people and stupid behavior) Me - dinner = one sick chick

So, focus on the positive,
Focus on the positive,
Focus on the positive.

Big girl panties on: CHECK

Of course I have to show off our f-a-b-u-l-o-u-s gingerbread house!