Retropharyngeal Phlegmon

No I did not just cough that up.
It's the real deal boys & girls.

Random + Shit = Us

I can't even make this stuff up.
Supposedly we caught it early enough that Orion shouldn't need surgery.
(So we hope.)
The idea is that he is supposed to take antibiotics to reduce & eliminate this pocket of puss in Orion's neck.
Orion has been admitted to the hospital, not sure for how long.
The ENT doc said average of 3 days BUT this of course depends on how well this "thing" takes a dive. 
Maybe he'll be out tomorrow.
I've got some wishful thinking.

Orion had blood work & an xray.
One day later...
Just one day - this thing shows up in the CT.
It grew that fast!

(Bo was very, very, VERY concerned about Orion.  Pretty stinkin cute.)
I'm attempting to look at the positive side of things.
We all know how much I am lacking in that area of expertise.

Hey, at least he got to skip out on the spinal - that would have been a holy nightmare.