A Late Snow Day

 I was at work on Wednesday while the snow was piling up.
I wanted nothing more than to go play in the powder with the boys.
We were a day late, and played in the rain
but it was fun all the same.

(Hey, that rhymed and I TOTALLY didn't intend to do that!)

Bo LOVED our girly snow babe!  I didn't INTEND for it to be a 'she' but hey, you work with what you've got and a broken Christmas ornament made a perfect crown.
I do have to mention that Bo kept taking the carrot nose out and Orion wanted to eat it.
Funny boys.

This funky hat was Jeff's back in his sowing oat days... 
I dug it out the other night and Orion has now dubbed it his 'dinsosaur hat'.
He's easy to keep track of in it!

It is SO freaking difficult to get a picture of both kids, happy and smiling.
Let me tell ya, I'm trying my bestest to catch em too!
I really love this one of the 2. 
It would have been awesome with either one in the back but at least I can get Orion to stop for a sec since Bo is a busy body.
Orion's hat certainly makes it a HUGE hit as well.