My Dear Blog Stalker Friends,

I need help.
I need ideas.
Because I just don't have any.

I have a friend who had someone she loves hurt her very, very badly.
Her heart is broken.
I can't fix it.
I am just the devil on her shoulder...
I don't know what to do.

I can make her food but she won't eat.
I would LOVE to go do something and spend time with her but well, it's difficult to do income wise and with the boys.
And I know I can hear all of your thoughts before you even finish reading this post -
I can just be there and be her friend.
I know, usually that is enough.
But I want to do more.
I hate that she cries.
I hate that she hurts.
Unfortunately hurting the one who hurt her is not an option.
I am blank.
I need help.

Please my wise and brilliant blog stalkers,
Any low budget, FANTASTIC, take-her-mind-off-of-things ideas are GREATLY appreciated.